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Monday, August 15, 2011

"True Blood" recap 4x8: Vampire trust issues

"True Blood" recap 4x8: Vampire trust issues:

Last week I expressed some concerns about Vampire Jessica. Not only because the episode ended on a cliffhanger where she opened the door to greet the sun and there were gunshots, but she just had so many confusing feelings about boys! We've all been there, Jessica. I mean, not literally -- I don't consider all those times that I have feasted on the blood of skeevy men at Fangstasia to be technically cheating on my significant other. No, I mean the shared experience of being in a safe, monogamous relationship with someone and feeling like it's not enough. You start wondering, "Am I the bad guy here? Do my needs and desires make me an awful person…and follow-up question…would I be better off concealing these feelings from my partner and letting them fester, or should I lay it all out on the table and possibly hurt the guy I care most about?" These are all normal, human emotions. But since this is "True Blood," we aren't allowed to really dwell on these issues for too long. So let's crank this up to 11 and start in on the crazy Narnia sex dreams!